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Smart Notebook 14
New Features in Smart Notebook 14
Smart Notebook 2014 is here, and we have it! This YouTube video from Smarttech gives an overview of some of the new features: Geogebra (a graphing tool for Math), new Ink Editing features, Response VE for Extreme Collaboration (students can use their smartphones in place of Smart Response responders), and 3D tools.

Smart Notebook 2014 More New Features
This YouTube video showcases the new Smart Blocks feature and improvements in Math Ink and Page Recorder.

How Do I Control my SMARTboard From my iPad (pdf)
This is something that teachers have wanted to do ever since iPads were introduced into the classroom. Here is how you can remotely control Smart Notebook from anywhere in your classroom using the new Maestro add-on.

Smart Notebook for Maestro Download Page
This is the Smarttech SMART Notebook Maestro download page.

Tips for using Maestro with your Smartboard
This YouTube video gives useful tips for using Maestro with your Smartboard.