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Smartboard How-To Help
Creating_screencasts (pdf)


Activity Builder How-to_Sheet (pdf)
Activity Builder is a new feature in Smart Notebook 11. It allows you to quickly create drag-and-drop activities for formative assessment similar to Lesson Activity Toolkit and Vortex. You can create matching, categorizing, and labeling activities in minutes.

Smartboard Basics 2012 (pdf)
A slideshow that summarizes Smartboard basic training.

What Kind of Smartboard User Are You (pdf)
Smartboards are a great teaching tool...but are you using yours in an optimal way in your classroom? Rate yourself to determine where you are in the Smartboard use spectrum.

Optimizing Your Smartboard Projector Lamp Life (pdf)


How to Convert Office Files into SMART Notebook (pdf)
You don't have to reinvent the wheel or your unit plans when you use Smart Notebook software. It's easy to convert your Word, PowerPoint, or PDF files into Notebook.

Using PDF Files in SMART Notebook (pdf)
Some tips for using the Everyday Math Interactive worksheets or any PDF file with your Smartboard.

Notebook Tips Part 1 Hide and Reveal.notebook (notebook)
Try these Hide and Reveal techniques to take advantage of the interactivity features of your Smartboard

Linking and Attachments in Notebook
You can significantly improve the flow and organization of your lesson by using the linking capabilities in SMART Notebook. You can link any object on a Notebook page to a webpage, an external file, an attached document, or another page in the same file. Watch this brief YouTube video to learn how to link!

Notebook Tips Part 2 Links and Attachments.notebook (notebook)
Organize all of your multimedia files that you need for a lesson in a Notebook file- make quick and easy links to websites, video, music, and attachments.

Smartboard Magnifying Glass Trick (pdf)
A hide and reveal trick that will awe your students.

Magic Table Reveal (pdf)
A cool way to use tables in Smart Notebook to quickly create activities with feedback for your students.

Koosh Ball Activity for Professional Development
The Koosh Ball activity is great for review and reinforcement. Students and teachers love to throw that Koosh Ball at the Smartboard. The template for this activity is on the Games and Activities CD that was distributed at Smartboard training sessions. Contact helpdesk if you need one. This activity was created by the Smart Team to review Smartboard skills.

Notebook Tips and Tricks.notebook (notebook)
Looking for best practice tips to better utilize the interactivity feature of your board? These tips were compiled by the Smart Team for professional development.

Page Recorder How-To (pdf)
The Page Recorder feature allows you to record any actions completed on the Smartboard. You save the file right in Notebook and can replay it as often as you want for review or reinforcement.

Smart Recorder how-to (pdf)
Using SMART Recorder, you can record the actions you take on the interactive screen. If you connect a microphone to your computer, you can record your narration. After you create a recording, you can play the recording on any computer using SMART Video Player or Windows Media Player, or you can share the recording with others on your website.

Video Recorder in Smart Notebook (pdf)


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Cresskill, NJ 07626 

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