Enrichment Program

Statement of Purpose

The Cresskill Public School District is committed to an educational program that recognizes individual student differences, abilities, interests and needs. Our goal is to enrich the education of all students through events and activities designed to expose them to a variety of challenging and higher-order critical and creative thinking experiences. It is the district's belief that all students should be challenged within the regular classroom to the greatest extent possible. This challenges teachers to provide differentiated instruction using a learner-active technology-infused approach. By employing a wide range of classroom activities that address student learning styles and interests, teachers challenge students to think and to identify and solve problems. The district has a commitment to provide staff development for teachers on differentiation to assist them in this endeavor.

Implementation of Program

The classroom teacher designs and implements units of study that are project, rather than textbook, oriented. In the classroom, differentiated learning experiences enable each student to increase knowledge, develop higher level thinking skills and creative problem-solving strategies necessary to excel in areas of special competence and interest. The student's needs determine the scope and activities of the Schoolwide Enrichment program.

The delivery of services will include:

Modification of classroom experiences to meet the needs and learning styles of students by differentiating content, process, or product according to the students' readiness, interest, or learning profile.