Step by Step Program

Step by Step Program, Prek-12

Step By Step is a specialized program that focuses on providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) instruction to students who require additional support in their academic and social-emotional development. The program offers a comprehensive approach that includes Discrete Trial Instruction, small group instruction, and 1:1 or 1:2 staff to student ratio, ensuring that students receive individualized attention and support to meet their unique needs.

One of the key components of Step By Step is the use of Discrete Trial Instruction, which is a structured teaching approach that breaks down skills into smaller, more manageable steps and uses repetitive teaching strategies to promote skill acquisition. This approach is implemented by highly trained staff who work closely with students to provide intensive instruction and practice in a supportive and structured environment.

Small group instruction is also a core component of the program, providing students with opportunities to learn and practice skills in a group setting. This allows for peer interaction, socialization, and generalization of skills to real-life situations. The small group setting allows for targeted instruction and support, while also promoting social skills development and inclusion.

When students are ready, the program offers mainstreaming opportunities, where students are gradually integrated into general education settings with the support of a dedicated aide. The aide follows the student to the mainstream setting, providing individualized support and guidance to ensure a successful transition.

Students in our high school Step By Step program are provided with a strong emphasis on transition opportunities, including job-related skills and community-based instruction. The program recognizes the importance of preparing students for life beyond school and focuses on developing practical skills that will enable students to be successful in their post-school lives.

Through community-based instruction, students have the opportunity to learn and apply skills in real-life settings, such as grocery shopping, using public transportation, or participating in community events. This allows students to practice skills in a meaningful and relevant context, and develop greater independence and confidence in navigating the community.

Additionally, the program incorporates job-related skills training, with a focus on vocational skills development, job exploration, and job readiness. This helps students to develop valuable skills that can be applied in future employment opportunities.

Step By Step also recognizes the importance of collaboration and communication with parents and other professionals. The program provides opportunities for monthly observations by parents, allowing them to actively participate in their child's education and progress. Additionally, the program collaborates with speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral interventions created collaboratively with special education teachers and Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). This interdisciplinary approach ensures that students receive comprehensive support in all areas of their development.