Special Education

Special Education

At Edward H Bryan School, three special education programs are offered to students who qualify for special education services: Resource Room classes and our Language Learning Disabilities (LLD) program.

Resource Room

Resource Room classes replace instruction in the mainstream while providing access to the same curriculum. Students are instructed in a small group setting by certified special education teachers using specialized techniques and strategies.

Step By Step

Step by Step is Cresskill’s full-day preschool to 12th-grade program for children with developmental delays who are eligible for special education services. Our program will lead children, step by step, inclusion with their general education peers. In our warm and caring environment, students will work on developing skills necessary for educational growth such as gross motor, fine motor, academic, speech and language skills, and social-emotional development. Older students hone their independence in communication, leisure activities, functional communication and life skills. Our teaching staff is trained in providing individualized and specialized learning methodology/strategies to maximize student progress and success toward goals and objectives. All aspects of the program have been designed and implemented upon the most up-to-date research supporting the most effective teaching strategies, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Edward H. Bryan School and Cresskill Middle and High Schools are excited to host this program! With this initiative, Cresskill’s students with developmental delays will be able to learn in their home community. For additional information please contact Janelle Amato, Supervisor of Special Education, at jamato@cresskillnj.net

Therapeutic Classroom

The Therapeutic Classroom is an innovative inclusion program for students requiring social skills or academic skills assistance in a general education setting. Social Strides is appropriate for children with social-emotional difficulties, attentional issues (e.g., ADHD) high-functioning Pervasive Developmental Disorders (e.g., Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, PDD-NOS) and learning disabilities. The program components include

  • Social Communication/Social Skills Program based on individualized needs of students

  • Ongoing Parent and Teacher consultation

  • Behavioral Specialist and Therapeutic Counseling

  • Teacher Assistants in place during special periods and inclusion opportunities

  • Behavior Intervention Plan Development