18-21 Program

Community Steps to Independence Program, 18-21 Program

Our 18-21 program is designed for young adults who have met academic coursework for graduation requirements but require additional support in community-based instruction and vocational job training. This program focuses on preparing students for transition into adulthood by providing them with practical skills, real-world experiences, and opportunities for vocational training and job exploration.

The program offers a structured and supportive environment where students can continue to build their independent living skills, social skills, and vocational skills. Community-based instruction is a key component of the program, with students engaged in hands-on learning experiences in real-life settings such as grocery stores, restaurants, public transportation, and other community settings. These experiences help students generalize their skills and gain confidence in navigating and participating in their communities.

Vocational job training is a core feature of the program, with students participating in vocational assessments, career exploration, and job training opportunities tailored to their interests and abilities. They may have opportunities to participate in internships, work experiences, or volunteer opportunities in the community, with support and supervision provided by program staff.

In addition to community-based instruction and vocational training, the program may also offer instruction in functional academics, independent living skills, social skills, and self-advocacy. Students may also receive support in developing and maintaining appropriate behaviors in various community and vocational settings.

Our 18-21 program is staffed by experienced professionals who are trained in working with young adults with diverse needs. Individualized plans and goals are developed for each student based on their strengths, interests, and needs. The program also collaborates with local businesses, community organizations, and vocational agencies to create meaningful opportunities for students to gain real-world skills and experiences.