For questions regarding registration, please contact Lynda Nienstedt, District Registrar, at or 201-227-7791 x1038.

Online registration is a preliminary step to registering for Cresskill Public Schools; students will not be considered enrolled until parents/guardians submit the required information during an in-person registration process. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO COVID, THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO IN-PERSON REGISTRATION APPOINTMENTS. YOU SHOULD COMPLETE THE ONLINE REGISTRATION AND SUBMIT DOCUMENTS VIRTUALLY. Documents can be submitted via the online portal, emailed to the registrar at, or by mail/drop-off at the BOE office at 129 Madison Ave, Cresskill.

Important information for children registering for elementary school grades:

All Pre-K and Kindergarten classes in Cresskill are in Edward H. Bryan Elementary School, in the new Early Childhood Center.  Students entering grades 1-5 will be assigned to either Edward H. Bryan School or Merritt Memorial School. The district will make every effort to place students in their “neighborhood” school; however, it is not guaranteed which elementary school your child will attend. Placement is based on enrollment in each school.

For Middle/High school:

Grades 6-8 attend CMS (Cresskill Middle School); Grades 9-12 attend CHS (Cresskill High School). Cresskill Middle/High School address is 1 Lincoln Drive, Cresskill, NJ.


STEPS to completing online pre-registration: Please note – you must complete the Online Registration screens through “Review and Submit” or the information you entered will not be saved.

► Step 1: Select the picture indicated to enter the open registration system, which will take you through these steps: Register Students; Contacts and Addresses; Fill out the Home Language Survey, Review and Submit; and Logout

► Step 2: In the Register Students section:

·         Register for School Year → 2022-2023

·         Select the School → Select desired school

·         Anticipated Grade Level drop-down menu → Select desired grade level

► Step 3: Complete remaining student information, and then click Advance to Next Screen.

► Step 4: Fill out the Home Language Survey

► Step 5: Review your information, then click Submit Registration Information

► Step 6: Print the Confirmation pdf, which you must bring to your in-person registration appointment. Logout.

DOWNLOAD the registration forms and VIEW important registration information here: Student Registration Forms

All forms must be submitted by the time of your appointment. Missing documentation will delay your child’s registration!


A. Standard Certificate of Residency – complete this form if the student lives with a parent/guardian whose permanent home is in Cresskill. This form should be notarized (note that the form can be notarized by the district registrar at your registration appointment.) NOTE: Due to Covid, IT IS NOT REQUIRED to notarize this form at this time.

B. If the student lives with someone other than a parent/guardian whose permanent home is in Cresskill, or if your family is living with another Cresskill resident, the district registrar will provide you with a residency affidavit to complete based on your specific living situation.

C. Copy of home lease or deed

D. Two (2) utility bills (can be 30 days from registration)


A.      New Student Records Release – form to send to student’s prior school for records release (REQUIRED) - this form can be found at the Student Registration Forms link above.

B.      Before and After School Care - The YWCA provides before and after care at Edward H. Bryan and Merritt Elementary Schools. Information about the program can be found in Kindergarten Registration Forms.

C.      Medical Form/Immunization record (REQUIRED)

D.     Tuition Student Contract (Tuition Students Only)

E. Integrated Preschool Application - if you have a child you want to enroll in our Pre-K program, you must complete the application and submit via instructions on the form. Registration will take place after you have been notified that your child is accepted into the program.

 Registration appointments are held in the Guidance Office at Cresskill Middle/High School, 1 Lincoln Drive, Cresskill. If you cannot set up an appointment online, please contact Lynda Nienstedt, District Registrar, at or 201-227-7791 x1038.