Kicking Off Women's History Month!

Get ready to celebrate Women's History Month with an exciting BINGO game at our elementary schools! We're giving our students a chance to honor and learn about the most inspiring women in history. Every day, our principals will share fascinating stories about different women, and students will have to guess who they are. By filling up their BINGO card with the names of their favorite women, they'll have a chance to win awesome prizes. Not only will they discover amazing women who have made an impact on our world, but they'll also learn about the lasting legacies of their achievements.

At the middle and high school levels, we're inviting our students to share their admiration for a woman who has influenced their lives. We're providing a creative outlet of their choice, such as video, collage, poem, portrait, or song, to showcase the woman who has made a significant impact on their lives. This activity will be displayed throughout our school building to demonstrate  the impact of the women in our lives. Whether it's a family member, community member, cultural icon, or historical figure, we're eager to hear about the amazing women who have inspired and influenced our students. Let's celebrate the amazing women who have changed the world!