Merritt Memorial School National Hispanic Heritage Month Flag Board

This month we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and the countless contributions of more than 60 million Hispanic Americans, Latinos, Latinas, and Latinx-identifying people within our culture and society. At EHB, MMS, and CMS/CHS, students are immersed in activities  that reflect a celebration of language, art, music, literature, and the achievements of notable figures.  

Notable Figures Board at MMSNotable Figures Bulletin Board at MMS 

Student Wishes After Reading “Carmela Full of Wishes” at EHB Student Wishes After Reading “Carmela Full of Wishes” at EHB 

Celebrating Maps and Facts at the MS/HS
Celebrating Maps and Facts at the MS/HS

A central activity within our elementary schools is honoring and exploring culture and heritage through the book, "Carmela Full of Wishes," by Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson (click the link for a reading).  As students read, they explore Carmela's world and her dreams by delving into the various aspects of her community and reflecting on the challenges and hopes that she and her family face. As well, students engage in thoughtful discussions about the importance of dreams by creating shooting stars that include their own, personal wishes. 

At the middle/high school, students in the Spanish Honor Society and the Spanish Club joined forces to plan activities, such as a Four-Day Expo featuring 21 countries and highlighting maps, posters, notable figures, and cultural knowledge. Students have put together presentations of sports, music, and artisanal projects for their peers to create, and are working with The Pulsera Project | Color the World to sell pulseras (bracelets), the proceeds of which help support The Pulsera Project by employing over 200 artisans in Central America. 

Small food tastings from countries showcased each week are taking place, and students also organized a Song Competition called “La Copa Musical,” where they can listen to two songs from the various featured countries and choose one that they like best each week. 

La Copa Musical

Please follow our Curriculum Instagram for more pictures, but the best way to learn more about this month in our schools is to ask your kids!