Child Study Team

The Child Study Team is a collaborative team of school psychologists, school social workers, learning disabilities teacher-consultants, and other professionals that evaluates and designs appropriate programs for students who are experiencing learning, health, and/or behavioral difficulties in school. They are the team through which special education referrals are considered throughout the district.

A specific timelines governs how the Child Study Team makes decisions around whether or not a child can receive special education services. Within 20 calendar days of receiving a referral, the district must hold a meeting to decide whether an evaluation will be conducted. If an evaluation will be conducted, the types of testing and other procedures that will be used to determine if a child receives special education services must also be decided. If an evaluation will not be conducted, recommendations may be made with respect to interventions or services to be provided to the student in their general education setting.

For additional information or questions regarding the Child Study Team or special education evaluations, please contact Mrs. Revital Sholomon, M.A., at