Cresskill Middle/High School is excited to implement a 1:1 student laptop initiative for the 2023-2024 school year! Technology is a key component in meeting the needs of our students and teachers. Technology skills and related computer projects are integrated throughout the daily curriculum in all grade levels to foster active, student-centered learning. Technology is used to enhance communication, collaboration, organization, and production in all classes and our objective is to allow access to whatever digital tools are necessary to personalize learning for each individual student.

High School students will have the option to receive a school-issued Chromebook or bring their personal device to school. Therefore, we are conducting a survey through the Genesis Parent Portal to determine how many High School students will be opting to receive a school-issued Chromebook versus bringing their personal device to school.

What does this mean for our students?

  • Equitable learning platforms for all students

  • No need for cell phone access in the classroom

  • Enhanced curricular, instructional, and assessment practices

  • Digital tools, resources, and experiences to promote responsible citizenship in the 21st century

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all students required to use a school-issued Chromebook?

No, not all students are required to use a school-issued Chromebook.  In the 2023-2024 school year, high school students have the option to use their own computing device.  The chart below presents the phase-in process for the requirement of all high school students to eventually use only school-issued Chromebooks beginning with the current 8th grade, the Class of 2028.

Are students required to bring their device (school-issued Chromebook or personal device) to school every day?

Yes, all students will be expected to have their device charged and with them in school on a daily basis. Curricular planning and activities will be made based on the expectation that all students will have their devices.

Do parents & students need to complete a usage agreement?

Yes, parents must complete the 1:1 Chromebook usage agreement form available in the Genesis Parent Portal before students will be issued their Chromebook.

Is there a fee associated for students who receive a school-issued Chromebook?

Yes, there is a fee for use of a school-issued Chromebook. An annual technology fee ($30) is assessed to cover damage prevention measures and insurance. In addition, a one-time $30 fee for a Chromebook cover will be assessed and use of the cover will be mandatory at all times. This ensures consistency for the quality of protection. Students will own this cover once purchased and will be responsible for its replacement through the school district if deemed necessary for any reason due to wear and tear. 

Fees can be paid via PaySchools (click here for steps to register an account), cash, or check (made out to Cresskill Board of Education).

When will students receive their school-issued Chromebook?

Chromebooks will be distributed to students during the first week of school during physical education classes.

Will the school WiFi be able to handle all students on devices?

Yes! Significant upgrades to the school network have been underway to improve the bandwidth, speed, and coverage of the school internet.

Will students use the same Chromebook for all their years at CMS/CHS?

No, the long range plan is for 6th graders and 9th graders to receive new Chromebooks.  The chart below presents the phase-in process for the yearly distribution of new devices.

What do students do if they arrive at school and forgot, did not charge, or have damage to their Chromebook?

Students who are in need of temporary replacement Chromebook should contact Mr. John Orfini in the Student Center and/or email him ( in order to obtain a temporary replacement Chromebook.

Chromebook Distribution Plan