CMS/CHS Cafeteria Services Information

We are happy to announce that our school cafeteria services are functional as we begin the school year!  Please use the following links to view our menu and the Pomptonian Food Allergy Best Practices information.  You can also access more information from our cafeteria food service director, Mr. Don Ryan (, regarding best practices for managing food allergies and the benefits of pre-ordering food.  Please note that due to current equipment and staffing issues, the made-to-order sandwich station will unfortunately not be available immediately for the start of the school year.  However, sandwiches are still available through pre-ordering and an ordering link will be provided in the near future.

The cafeteria uses a computerized point of sale (POS) system. In addition to paying cash for your child’s breakfast, lunch, or after school snacks, you may pay in advance by credit card through PaySchools. Checks are also accepted in the cafeteria, and can be applied to your child’s account the same day.  Please see this link Parent Guide to Create a PaySchools Central Account for more instructions.

Lunch will be split into two periods, with Grades 8-12 lunch during period 5 (10:59am-11:44am) and Grades 6-7 lunch during period 6 (11:48am-12:33pm).  Students in Grades 9 to 12 will be allowed to leave campus for lunch and open campus procedures can be reviewed in the Student Handbook. Breakfast Grab-and-Go items are available before school, beginning at 7:15 and during period 1 for middle school students. 

Drop-offs of student lunches will not be permitted this year. As a reminder from the Genesis Parent Portal acknowledgement form for “Student Item Drop-offs During the School Day”, the following procedures and expectations are in place for student item drop-offs:

  • No lunch deliveries or drop-offs are allowed - students are permitted to bring a brown-bag/lunchbox lunch with them each morning or purchase lunch from the cafeteria.

  • Occasional emergency drop-off of essential items may be accommodated by the main office staff.   

  • Excessive use of the emergency drop-off procedures will be addressed by administration if necessary.

  • No food may be ordered and delivered. All deliveries will be refused by the office staff.

As a reminder from the Student Handbook, all food and beverages are to be kept in the cafeteria. No food or drinks are permitted in the halls or classrooms. Students are not allowed to possess glass bottles or containers. 

Lastly, Free and Reduced lunches are available based on financial need. The application has already been shared with you through the Parent Portal.  If an application is needed at any time during the year, please use this link for the Free & Reduced Lunch Info 2023-2024 form, found on the district website in the “For Families” section.