In an effort to improve our school safety and security measures, Cresskill Middle/High School is providing all students with ID cards and lanyards. Students are expected to wear their lanyards throughout the school day (unless engaged in physical activity during physical education, recess, etc.). Any IDs that are misplaced or broken will need to be reported to administration via this form (must be submitted through the student email account) as soon as possible so that a new one can be printed. A $5 fee will be charged to reprint a new ID card, $2 fee for a new lanyard, and $1 fee for a new plastic sleeve.

Student ID cards are not only used to verify the identity of students when on campus but also serve multiple functions in our building. Chromebooks and scanners are stationed for students to check into the building. The fastest way to check-in is by scanning the barcode on their ID card but they can also search by typing their last name. Student attendance will be documented digitally this way when they scan in. When student’s visit the Guidance/Child Study Team suite, they will also be able to scan in and document their appointment. High school students will also scan out of the building when leaving for open campus and again to document when they return. Our school cafeteria will also be using scanners at the cash registers so that students can scan to access their PaySchools account when purchasing lunch.

Daily Student Expectations

  • Bring ID to school

  • Wear lanyard while on campus (unless engaged in physical activity)

  • Scan into the building upon arrival to log attendance

  • High school students only - scan out of the building when leaving for open campus and back in when returning to the building

After 8:00, the high school computers will switch from logging attendance to tracking students' arrival and departure from Open Campus. High school students arriving anytime after 8:00 should sign into HS computer in the main office.

Middle school students arriving anytime after 8:30 should sign into MS computer in the main office.