It was such a busy month at Bryan School this March. To begin the month we had our fifth grade students participate in the annual Science Fair. The students created different games for students and families to play. During the month leading up to Science Fair the students kept their engineers notebook to keep meticulous records of the process that resulted in the final product. The whole school was able to come to the gym to play these different activities and win some fun prizes. To finish our Science Week the PTA sponsored the “Mad Science” assembly where students got to experience hands-on experiments. 

Students at both Merritt and Bryan School combined forces to put on the play “The Golden Goose” The students worked incredibly hard during Theatre Week to put on a spectacular play. By working together, they put on a one night only performance to a sold out crowd of families and friends who were elated to see their acting ability. 

Our PTA organized our annual Bulldog Night, which is a fundraiser to raise money for various special projects around the school. This night was filled with laughter, fun, and raffles. We are so grateful to our PTA for organizing this event. It was such a great night that allowed the parents of every grade level to come together and get to know one another little bit better, while raising money to make our school an even better place for our students. 

EHB came out to the gym to cheer for our 5th grade versus the faculty for the basketball game. The athletic ability of both the teachers and the students were on display. Although it was a nail biter of an event the 5th grade emerged victorious. It was such a fun night for the whole EHB community to participate in.

To finish out our fun filled month of activities the whole school came together for our Spring School Spirit Week. Each day the students dressed up according to a different theme. The students enjoyed the different activities which culminated in a pajama day after our basketball game.  As we go into April we wish everyone a happy and healthy Spring Break.