Merritt Walks to School

As is always the case, it's been a busy spring at Merritt since returning from Spring Break!  Check out some pictures from our various events over the past month below!

Amy Ludwig Vanderwater visited Merritt on April 12, our second author visit of the year!  A huge thank you to the HSA for organizing these events after their hiatus the past few years due to Covid!  

The Garden Club started its spring season with some carrot harvesting and other activities!  Thank you to Ms. Harzynski and Ms. Hickey for organizing these before school meetings!  

Merritt celebrated Earth Week during the week of April 17 - April 22, with students enjoying each grade's specific Earth Week activities.  The week culminated with a lunch outside and a "Merritt Walks to School Day," during which 78% of students walked to school!   Again, a huge thank you to the HSA and all the volunteers who organized these events!  

Another annual tradition that is always looked forward to, the colonial blacksmith visited Merritt last Thursday, with our fourth graders able to participate in blacksmithing activities that connects to their study of Colonial Era America!  Thank you to Ms. Gray for organizing this event for our fourth grade class!