Mr. Levine during Morning announcements getting silly stringed

During the month of September, we had our very first- first in-person, whole-school, morning announcements of the year! Instead of listening to announcements over the PA system, the whole school gathered together in the gym.

From morning arrival, the students and staff gathered in the gym and sat according to their grade levels.  The Student Council members helped escort each class to their assigned space for the assembly.  Once seated, Ms. P greeted everyone and explained that on the last Friday of each month we will gather as a school community for morning announcements.  

During the announcements, Ms. P introduced the character tree that is now in the Media Center and its purpose.  She explained to students that each month our school will focus on a character trait, and when staff notice a student being a role model exhibiting that trait, they will receive a leaf with their name on it that will be placed on the tree.  

To coincide with the Week of Respect, our character trait for the month of October will be RESPECT.  So, Merritt Staff is on the lookout for students who exemplify this characteristic and will give students a leaf to add to our character tree.  One student guessed that we will have 300 leaves on the tree by the end of this calendar year- that is a great goal to strive for! 

After that, the school sang happy birthday to all staff and students who celebrated their birthdays during the month of September.  The meeting concluded with the students who won a contest run by Mr. Levine, the Physical Education teacher, during the 2022-2023 school year covering Mr. Levine in silly string.  It was a great way to end our meeting and get students excited for learning! We can’t wait for next Merritt Mustang Morning Meeting at the end of October!