5s and 5b at Veolia

Our 5th grade students recently had an amazing field trip to the Veolia Water Treatment Plant in Haworth, NJ. The day was full of fun learning, with a lesson about cleaning water, a tour by the Veolia experts, and an awesome time outdoors with Veolia's very own marine biologist.

First up was a student engaging presentation led by Ms. Andrea of the Veolia facility. The students learned about the steps and workings of the facility through cool activities and pictures, in preparation of the walking tour of the water treatment plant.

Ms. Andrea teaching students about facility

Then, the Veolia experts took the lead for a guided tour. They showed the students around the plant, explaining how machines and tech turn raw water into clean water for us to use and drink. The students didn't just watch – they got to be a part of it, asking questions and observing first hand. We finished our tour with a cold cup of freshly cleaned Veolia water. Our students looked very official in their hard hats, protective eyewear, and neon vests!

4 5th grade students

The adventure didn't stop there. The students went outside with Veolia's on-site marine biologist, who not only knows the reservoir, but was an expert in our local ecosystems. They learned about how everything in nature is connected and had a blast exploring the local ecosystems around the plant’s facilities.

local pond by Veolia water treatment plant

This awesome day wasn't just about learning – it showed the students how we can take care of our water and nature. The Veolia Water Treatment Plant trip wasn't just a regular school day; it was a day of excitement and discovery that these 5th graders won't forget.